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Improve your Inventory Management Process

Retail industry is a promising sphere and still remains very competitive. As modern retail market goes further, it inexorably requires more and more efforts from those who develop retail business. One of the tools that helps businesses win in the harsh industrial battle is an Enterprise Resource Planning system, shortly ERP. Once the ERP system is implemented, it becomes much easier for retailers to meet inevitable challenges of their professional activity.

Sinven ERP solution designed to integrate the main functional areas of various Federations into a unified system. The module includes Procurement, Inventory, Purchase & Sales, HRMS, Finance and Administration as main modules and can be customized to the requirement of each clients. It is crucially important to follow proactive decision-making in retail business strategy to be among the first who meet existing demand.

Sinven Core Modules/Features

Supply Chain Management

This module will ensure full retail inventory information is delivered to organizations quickly helping them streamline processes in retail business.

Merchandising Management

This module simplifies the process of planning merchandising activities for retailers providing them with information on accurate market conditions.

Sales Data Management

It allows to trace every retail deal with minimum time expenditures and all details one needs to have enough information to analyze sales dynamics, elicit problems and make timely conclusions.

Order Entry and Fulfillment Control

This enables to track whether customers’ orders are received and fulfilled successfully, make steps to improve figures for the better and gain satisfied clients.

Finance Management System

In this modue detailed financial flow is sorted. It obviously makes it possible to manage financial and accounting policy on a much more efficient level.

Customer Database

This module is where clients’ contact information, purchasing history and references are saved.

Human resource management system

This module is a suite of interconnected programs that simplifies HR operations by reducing administrative time-intensive tasks and decreasing costs by activating self-maintaining applications.

Benefits Sinven can bring to retail industry

Implementing Sinven ERP system into retail business owners are sure to enforce their position among competitors, streamline company development and receive more profits than previously thanks to completely automized working processes. The Sinven ERP system for retail allows to:

  • Carry out efficient decision-making policy concerning sales planning, supply and merchandising activity, customer service.
  • Reduce operational and marketing costs.
  • Optimize business profitability and working flow.
  • Take advantage of actions based on proactive approach.
  • Prominent cash flow improvement.
  • Work out a database for a company with all necessary documents and customer information sorted in one accessible place.
  • Make accurate financial and accounting reports timely.

Features of Point of Sale Software

Running a business is a daunting task, hence, to simplify the overall process and reduce the work we have developed this outstanding point of sale software for many industries like warehouse, chain store, education, retail, and small business. It helps in running the business successfully by efficient use of its features and functionalities.

Here we have listed some of the top features of Point of Sale Software.

1. Speedy Interface
2. Rack Management
3. Accurate Billing
4. Easy To Manage
5. Inventory Control
6. Package Management
7. Promotional Offers Notification
8. Loyalty Card
9. Chain-wide Operation
10. Get Detailed Report