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Enabling Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Stribon is a leading provider of end-to-end Financial Technology Services, such as software services, digital services, and IT-enabled services, etc. for Financial Services organizations worldwide. Through our bespoke software development for the Financial Services industry, we empower them to holistically transform their business and build agile, scalable solutions without increasing cost overheads. We orchestrate digital transformation for the Financial Services industry and act as a catalyst and enabler for them to unleash business value.

We have extensive experience in working with diverse Financial Services firms such as Financial ISVs, Wealth and Investment Management, Asset and Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, Loans and Mortgages, Private Equity and Venture Capital, and companies in the Financial Technology Services sector.

We understand the complexity of digital transformation in finance and financial services, and so, our transformative strategies organically infuse disruptive technology in the ecosystem that helps Financial Services firms to redefine their operating models, boost their competitiveness and scale new avenues of growth.

Our offerings

Our offerings

Simplify with Business Applications

We work with you to understand and assess the current business applications landscape and chart out the loopholes and gaps in the workflows.

Based on our findings, we suggest appropriate applications and systems and help you make the critical buy vs. build decision.

With expertise in ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, we help you select and implement applications that integrate well with your existing systems for superior data management and seamless transaction flows.

  • Assessment for Business process re-engineering and inculcating change management
  • Offering flexible and scalable managed application model along with staff augmentation
  • Facilitating project integration through a hybrid approach
  • Monitoring and ensuring constant up-gradation of enterprise applications

Prioritize data-driven approach

On a rough estimate, businesses leverage only 0.5% of their existing data. While numerous businesses recognize the importance of Data Analytics, they struggle with siloed data that hinders them from making meaningful inferences or facilitating business decisions.

Through our assortment of Data Analytics services, we bring together AI, analytics and business experts, and data engineers who understand cloud technology and machine learning systems:

  • Consulting service to chalk out KPI’s and identifying market differentiators
  • Technology consultation and implementation for recognizing malicious patterns and behaviors, compare archives and current transactional data for mitigating fraud
  • Organizing data in a centralized data warehouse and representing it visually for implementable data insights
  • Determining big data tools and managing them alongside your BI and advanced analytics strategy
Prioritize data-driven approach

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