Data & Analytics


Data & Analytics

Does your enterprise have access to high-quality, accurate data that is integrated and readily accessible? Confronted by challenges of migration, integration, changing regulatory compliance and technology convergence, companies struggle to seamlessly manage and standardize the entire data lifecycle. A robust data management solution provides clarity for effective decision making, better risk management, lower operational cost and better analytics.

Turn your data into an asset you can rely on in times of critical decision making. Trust Stribon as your data management partner to comprehensively address your evolving data management requirements.

Our data management and analytics services ensure that you have timely access to high quality data—data that is relevant, complete, and accurate—helping you gain competitive advantage. Our dedicated Center of Excellence for BI/DW and data management services leverages industry-leading Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) and Extract/Load/Transform (ELT) tools. We use ETL/ELT tools to design and populate analytic databases such as data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores.

We have dedicated Center of Excellences (CoEs) on key technology platforms including Business Objects, Microsoft BI, Informatica, Data Stage, Hyperion, SAS, and Microsoft SSIS.

Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Data Assesment
  • Big Data Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Lab on demand
  • Usecase Indentification
  • Idea to implementation

Architecture & Design

  • Cluster Capacity Planning
  • Hadoop Cluster Setup
  • Reference Architecture
  • Data Modeling

Advanced Analytics

  • Traditional BI (Reporting and Visualisation)
  • Predictive Analytics & Pattern Analysis (using Machine Learning)

Data Management (Development)

  • Data Ingestion Development
  • Custom Data Processing Development
  • Implement Data Lake and Data Warehouse
  • Integration with Enterprise DW and Applications
  • Hadoop Administration & Support

Data Analytics

Unlock the true potential of your data to drive insightful business decisions.

Our data analytics solutions empower organizations to mine data for relationships and trends. Through advanced analytics, business leaders can identify patterns in consumer behavior, assess market developments, and predict future results with improved precision.