RPACT - Construction ERP


Experience Digital Transformation in real estate

The realestate industry is very dynamic and constantly evolving. There is no “one-size fits all” solution. Service providers are constantly innovating to ensure better service to the consumer while keeping costs low and increased profitability. The RPACT suite of products offers realestate companies a customizable and flexible platform which helps them connect online with their customers and 3rd party providers.

With a ready-to-use platform, getting into the market is very easy and is operated from day one. It can be even customized as per your business needs and goals within weeks. A complete multi-device experience which is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices ensuring the customers are served on every platform, operating system and browser. A comprehensive construction framework which constitutes customizable user experience, catering to B2B and B2C models, mid-office and back-office automation and importantly available as in-house, private or public cloud deployment models.

RPACT Core Modules/Features

Inventory management system

This program is equipped with specific modules which help their users to operate stocks at their warehouses, regulate and monitor stock movement and keep a close watch on the inventory.

Customer portal

This module is a special unit that holds data about customers, their purchases, credit history and personal information.

Pre-sales and marketing management system

This module is a quite simple that helps control marketing campaigns and follow-ups targeted at the leads or customers. This program also gives its users an ability to handle SMS and e-mail marketing without difficulties or any kind of pressure towards marketing department.

Financial system

This module is highly integrated with the functionality of all departments within real estate company and helps generate valuable financial reports.

Booking management system

This module assists real estate companies operate and track booking and sales activities around all project categories, e.g. Villas, Residential, Commercial, Plotting, etc.

Agent management program

This module assists real estate companies in building and managing external sales network, it provides realtime property information along with their business transactions.

Human resource management system

This module is a suite of interconnected programs that simplifies HR operations by reducing administrative time-intensive tasks and decreasing costs by activating self-maintaining applications.

Benefits RPACT can bring to Real Estate

RPACT have been developed for those people who extremely desire their real estate business develop quickly and easily and who want to stay on top and always be aware of brand new trends and maintain good relations with customers. Here there is a set of benefits you can get using RPACT ERP system: