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Digitization has transformed the way educational books are being published, marketed and read. With the introduction of e-books, not only has the cost of production come down, but it has also improved sell-through rates and increased revenues. The readers too are able to benefit from richer digital user experience as well as personalized e-learning solutions for better content retention. The third pillar of publishing is real-time analytics, which has contributed to pushing relevant content to learning.

Stribon is one of the leading companies when it comes to delivering digital innovation in the education industry. We combine our wealth of technical experience and comprehensive understanding of the domain to bring excellence in the educational value chain. Our integrated IT solutions support all environments - be it pre-school, university, training centers or workplace. Moreover, we focus on the latest trends to facilitate education providers with all the required tools they need to provide effective learning.

Stribon helps educational, research and training institutions, and universities for effective marketing communications to reach students with customized information, meet rising regulatory requirements, safeguard data assets and information, and meet the ever-increasing requirement of ensuring high-quality education with wider reach in a cost effective manner.

Our technologies strength help clients to cope up with challenges in all areas including administration operations, results management, performance management, curriculum management, academic research, and admissions helps in developing personalized education programs and improved learning ecosystem streamlining the academic services

Our key innovations for education industry software solutions include:

  • Student Lifecycle Management
  • Results and Transcripts Management
  • Student Aid Management
  • Student Portals
  • E-Learning
  • E-Procurement Applications
  • Student Performance Management
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Multilingual Education Systems
  • Candidate and Result Data Capturing
  • Document Management Systems
  • Data Digitization and Management
  • Research Data Collection and Analysis

Our dedicated and seasoned e-learning software solution professionals design tailored LMS systems for handling, monitoring, and accomplishing your educational course, training program objectives.:

Migrations of Data in LMS

Migrations of Data in LMS

During education software development, we implement extensive data migrations armed with 3rd-party platforms, such as SoftChalk and MuleSoft, and include SSO feature employing the Clever SSO platform.

Integrations for LMS Software

Integrations for LMS Software

Our team utilizes key design characteristics for LMS e-learning software solutions, for instance, geolocation/localization integration, native support, HTML5 publishing among others with the help of tailored integrations to APIs from 3rd-party providers.

AR & VR Technology solutions for LMS

AR & VR Technology Solutions for LMS

We integrate AR & VR capabilities into the LMS so as to enhance engagement, boost retentiveness, and provide an optimum immersive experience with our e-learning software solutions.

Mobile App Development for LMS

Mobile App Development for LMS

Our specialists build browser-based LMS solutions optimized for native mobile apps, taking advantage of the mobile devices’ in-built hardware to produce exceptionally seamless UX, covering iOS as well as Android platforms.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) LMS

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) LMS

You can get RBAC modules for your LMS that offer role-based access levels for members of the institute, in order to handle scheduling, billing, subscriptions, universal reports and so on.

Cloud-based LMS Software Solutions

Cloud-Based LMS Software Solutions

Our experts develop LMS software that is cloud-based and delivers an unlimited volume of gigabyte storage and file uploads, enabling storage of presentations, virtual textbooks, graphics, online videos among others.

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