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With highly selective consumers, changing market trends, and globalizing market footprints and supply chains, the Retail world is in a constant state of flux. To succeed, retailers must be agile, in order to cater to the needs of culturally and demographically diverse populations while creating a differentiated value proposition.

Our retail practice has extensive experience in servicing the IT needs of all major retail format types, including grocery chains, discount stores, department stores, specialty retailers and Internet/catalog stores. We also have expertise in warehouse management solutions which help retailers improve their operational efficiencies and automate their processes. Stribon has designed and developed an easy-to-use solution whose advantages are numerous and gives you absolute control over Clients’ data, loans, savings, accounting and report generation.

Amid these changes, old challenges remain a lack of business models, siloed applications, and the inability to deploy new-age technologies. Hence there is a need to put together an end-to-end, well-connected omnichannel shopping experience that addresses the current challenges and implements new technologies.

Our offerings

Retail IT Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Since the next step lies in adopting enterprise mobility via next-generation smart devices, mobile apps are highly becoming a necessity. Our integrated mobility solution improves operational efficiency and features current technological trends that simplify the purchase experience to offer an elevated client experience.

Through this solution package, we offer the following:

  • Visual dashboards for vendors to evaluate performance in relation to timelines and other vendor agreements
  • Customized dashboards for corporate to keep track of purchases and revenues across different stores and evaluate overall performances
  • Setting up client-based promotion apps with coupons and feedback collection system
  • Establishing KPI systems that keep track of store performance on a real-time basis

Enterprise-level collaboration

One of the primary challenges in the retail sector is the communication gaps and the siloed nature of work, which ensure delays, reduces idea exchange, and leads to less productivity.

Due to a lack of knowledge management tools and inadequate training programs, retail store managers and buyers spend a considerable chunk of time looking for information. They are unable to connect with people across various geographies properly.

Stribon aims to mitigate this through various solutions that bring down decision-making time, enhance the user experience, and establish better collaboration standards. We aim to improve your brand image, increase profitability, and user experience through the following solutions:

  • Developing an elaborate portal which serves as a platform for employee engagement, a one-stop medium for communication and information exchange
  • Developing pre-defined templates and various workflow channels for superior content management and consistent messaging across stores i.e, maintaining brand voice
  • Offering front-end modernization and e-commerce enablement for your store and brand
Retail Enterprise-level collaboration

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