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Discrete Manufacturers today face new challenges such as new market opportunities, global and complex supply chain, and diverse set of user demands related to information flow within and across organizational boundaries. Faced with challenging economic conditions, manufacturers are looking to shorten cycle times across the value chain. Automation of business processes and availability of real-time data from each line of business to employees is central to achieving this outcome.

Through its enterprise solutions, Stribon Technologies helps manufacturing organizations manage demand fluctuation better; overcome capacity underutilization; handle margin pressures by improving product life cycles; and comply with industry regulations. In the process, they are able to service their customer better, become more cost competitive, be immune to fluctuating commodity prices and unstable global economy, and work with their network of partners and suppliers seamlessly.

Our Offerings

Maximizing operational efficiency with our offerings

  • Web Development

    Stribon offers comprehensive web solutions to the manufacturing industry to help enhance the digital customer experience.

  • Mobility Solutions

    Stay tuned with the ever-changing global markets and customer expectations with secure, scalable, and high-performing mobility solutions.

  • Cloud Computing Services

    With the rising demands of customers, we help you achieve your business goals by taking advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and other cloud capabilities.

  • Legacy Modernization

    With innovative migration strategies, we migrate and redevelop your legacy applications & architectures using proven delivery frameworks, tools, and solutions.

Our Solutions

IT solutions to help the manufacturing industry gain competitive advantage

  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Integrated Factory Information System
  • Fleet Management
  • Trading & Risk Management